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Here we will provide you with helpful information for preparing for your one mile race, including advice on training tips, what to eat and drink and how to look after your muscles and joints! 
We know that whether you've never run a mile before or are an aspiring Olympian like our previous winner, Charlie Grice - you can all benefit from some expert support, encouragement and tips.

Meet the Team!


The official coach for Brighton Marathon Weekend, Nick Anderson, will be helping you to reach your mile goal.

Formerly UK head coach for 5k, 10k and cross country he is one of the best, advising runners of all levels. 





Dawn Buoy of Body Rehab Studios is the official physio and will be offering her top tips about stretching and looking after your muscles and joints to ensure you run safely and sensibly.






Our official nutritionist is Nick Morgan from A Word On Nutrition, who will offer ideas for healthy eating plans and tell you what foods are best (and worst!) for running.









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