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Run in a Team

When entries open you will have the opportunity to get a group of friends together perhaps from school or your club, to run as a team and to win prizes!

Please see below for full info of requirements for a team entry, who can be in a team and how to create one.

If you have already entered with your friends or club and wish to create a team - please email us and someone will be able to help you.

  • Team entries will be at the same pricing structure as the individual prices.
  • Registering a team must be started with a minimum of 2 people, but note that a completed team must have a minimum of six runners to score.
  • A team can have more than six names – with just the first (fastest based on age grading) six runners home scoring.
  • You have until 10th March to add the full quota of six names to make up a team.
  • If you don’t have six names, your team name can still be entered but will not be eligible for prizes
  • Teams can be made up from all age groups/genders
  • In order to be in contention for team prizes, teams must have a minimum of 6 members
  • An age grading score will be displayed for every finisher

How to create a team

  • In order for a child to be placed in a team, the parent or guardian should create the team name BEFORE registering their child. 
  • First you need to create the team by selecting the “Parent Team Captain” entry: 
  • You can make this team private by setting a password, or you can make it public and allow anyone to join.
  • You will then need to go back to the registration form and enter the child(ren) into the Mini Mile Races by selecting the correct age group category.
  • While registering the child you will be presented with the option to join the team that you have just created, under the team section, as shown below:  
  • Any additional children can be placed in this team by following the same process as the first child.
  • If you prefer not to enter the child in a team, simply select “No” when asked if you would like to place them into a team. 


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