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If you have a query regarding the Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens Mini Mile Races please take a look at our frequently asked questions below. If you still don't find the answer you're looking for, then please contact the team via our Contact page.

When are the races taking place?

The 2017 event will take place on SATURDAY 8th APRIL 2017. 

Where are the races taking place?

The races will be staged at Preston Park, Brighton, in the south west area of the Park.

Where do I collect my child's race pack?

Race Packs will need to be collected at The Brighton Marathon Exhibition, on Friday 8th April between the hours of 11am and 7pm or on race morning from the race pack collection point within the Event Village on Brighton Beach. 

What is in my race pack?

Your race number, timing chip and Race T-shirt will be provided to you at the race pack collection point.  You cannot compete without these items.  You must make sure that you wear the T-shirt provided to you when you compete in your race and that you use the safety pins provided to attach the Race Number to the front of your T-shirt. 
IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you complete the medical informaiton on the back of the race number.

How do I enter?

Entries for 2017 open on Monday 23rd January and will be FREE. www.brightonminimile.co.uk/enter 

Who can enter?

Boys and Girls aged between 7 and 17 years of age.  Races will be categorised by gender and by age. Find out full details here

Is there a deadline date for entries?

Entries will be first come, first served and limited to 3000 spaces. We expect these to sell out so don't miss out when entries open in January.

Can a friend run in his / her place?

We can arrange this for you but you will need to ensure you contact us to update the entry information by emailing info@minimileraces.co.uk.  Last date for changes Friday 3rd March 2017.

My child is unable to run. What is the deferral policy?

We will not be rolling over any entries to 2018, entries for next year's event will be on a first come, first served basis.

What do we do if my child is injured before 16th April and we have to consider pulling out?

The basic advice for any mild injury or “niggle” is ‘r.i.c.e.’ (rest, ice, compression, elevation), but this should not be relied upon for anything other than a slight sprain or ache. For any pain that persists, it is best to consult your local physiotherapist to have the injury properly diagnosed – and to prevent a reoccurrence of your injury. Make sure you prepare correctly, as they say....”Fail to prepare...prepare to fail!”

What does my child receive for their entry fee?

An official T-shirt will be issued at the race pack collection point.  Each participant will receive a medal, and a kit bag upon crossing the fnish line. Winners will receive a stage presentation. You will also experience the buzz and atmosphere by taking part in the opening event of the Brighton Marathon Weekend where huge crowds will cheer you along the route. 

How do teams work?

You can create a team on signing up and more about this can be found here.

Will there be a photographer taking photos at the Finish?

We have an official race day photography company taking pictures and all runners will be contacted and informed on how to collect/order pictures. If you’ve entered, you were asked about this during the entry process.
*Please note the parent will need to give consent on the entry form regarding photography of children.

Will there be loos / food / water?

There will be plenty of loos and concession stands will be available within the Event Village area, which is near to the Start and Finish of the course There will also be water provided to the participants at the finish line. The safety and well being of each entrant is our number one priority.

Is there anywhere to put runners' belongings?

We would advise that a parent or responsible adult accompanying the runner would hold runners bags while the race is on. However we will also provide a baggage holding service. Your race number will correlate with your check-in area for baggage.  Lost Property – we will hold any lost property for a week after the event, and then it will be donated to charity.

What medical facilities will be in place?

We will have full medical care/treatment available to all runners at the start, along the route, and at the finish. We take medical safety of the entrants as of paramount importance. Our medical cover will be provided by St John Ambulance combined with local paramedics, and a team of local paramedics, doctors and physiotherapists.

Where will the runners be picked up after they have finished their race?

Once the runners have picked up their finisher medal and kit bag, they are directed into one of the corrals within the repatriation area. The colour of your race number will determine which coral you will be directed to. There are four colours per race. Parents must take note of the colour on the race number so that you know which corral your child will exit from at the finish of the race.  
The first, second and third placed runners will NOT exit through repatriation but will be taken straight to the stage area where they will receive their podium presentation. Please remain by the finish line area to greet your child if they cross the line in any of the top three positions. 

Security for the children

As a parent or responsible adult for the child runner you remain responsible for the whereabouts and behaviour of your child at all times. We will however ensure that marshals and stewards that come in direct contact with the children are appropriately CRB checked. 
We will have a LOST person notification point will be at the Informaiton point within the Event Village.  Please report to this area if you are a lost child or if you have lost a child.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Keep an eye out on the weather forecast so that you have time to prepare all of the correct running kit.  Not only to run in, but to warm up in before the race and to wear when you have finished running - remember you will want to stay at the event to watch other races and relax in the Event Village area.


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